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Hello ! Bonjour ! مرحبا

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My name is Hadi. I was born in Jordan and grew up in Belgium and Lebanon. As a teenager, I dreamed of being an actor. My parents were nervous about that, so I applied to USC under the pretense of joining the business school. Little did they know that I was acting in little short movies and falling in love with the filmmaking process.


I graduated from the USC Film School and moved to Washington DC, where I made documentaries across America for Alhurra Television. I met some fascinating, moving, and insane characters along the way who to this day feed me with inspiration. 


I soon decided that I wanted to fully commit to narrative films. I earned an MFA degree from the London Film School, moved to Paris, and with a small crew began to make my first feature film, The Traveller. The film premiered at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.


I’m currently prepping my next movie, a dystopian genre film set in a fictional country where music is banned. 


I should mention that I love comedy. Goodness knows the world needs to laugh more right now. I love making short comedy videos. I hope they make you laugh, or at least momentarily uplift your mood. 



+336 01 40 69 00 30



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